Trust, Confidence & Peace of Mind

when buying
renewable products

SureBuy Consumer Protection Group

Trust, Confidence & Peace of Mind

when buying renewable products

SureBuy Consumer Protection Group

Trust, Confidence
& Peace of Mind
when buying home improvement products

SureBuy Consumer Protection Group

Consumer Protection, Made Simple

A Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved Consumer Code, HIES is a leading consumer protection organisation covering the installation of home energy products. Our promise is to ensure all consumers are respected, protected and educated on their home improvement journey.

I am proud to support HIES on their mission to protect consumers.

George Clarke
HIES Brand Ambassador

“I am proud to support HIES on their mission to protect consumers.”

George Clarke
HIES Brand Ambassador

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Homeowner Testimonials

Hies are absolutely amazing. The original company that installed our solar panels did not do a good job and then went into liquidation. We had no insurance protection in place and were left high and dry.

Luckily we got in touch with HIES who were very professional and paid for all the repairs to our solar panels costing thousands of pounds. In particular I want to say Catherine from HIES was amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks a million.

May 2019

HIES were absolutely brilliant. After 5 months where the installer had switched bodies so we had to go to another consumer body (even though they were HIES members at the time of the installation) we were desperate for resolution of our air source heat installation which hadn't worked despite 7 or so visits by the engineer. HIES came to the rescue and pretty much resolved the dispute within a week!! Can't thank them enough.

Phil Snaith
March 2019

We had problems with our Air Source Heat Pump system fitted by Suns Energy. After a long time trying to get them to return to repair the system correctly, they went into liquidation.

We contacted HIES who were very helpful and, after trying to get Suns Energy to rectify the problem, they arranged for another engineer to attend who was very efficient and completed the job in two days, fitting a new pump and explaining how the system functioned. They were very clean and tidy and we now have both heating and hot water for the first time since the original system was installed. HIES have kept us informed all the time and we cannot fault them. Thank you, HIES!

John & Lynda May
November 2018

HIES were absolutely wonderful at dealing with the problems left from our installers. We felt extremely vulnerable and very concerned but Cathryn and Charlotte were so helpful and consistently reassured us that they would get things working again and we believed them. Everything was done very professionally but also with compassion and understanding.

I am sure they have to deal with very worried and angry customers but their knowledge and calmness shines through.

We can not thank HIES enough for helping us and for their continued support. It's wonderful to have company who really knows what it's doing on your side.

Tell Cabrera
November 2018

I was really at my wits end with a situation involving an heating installation completed back in May. Numerous attempts to resolve my issues was falling on deaf ears. I was forced into putting everything into an email to see if this would get a response/resolution to my issues and despite receiving 1 phone call in response, and having been promised an email with an offer to resolve, I received no further communication and was left to stew for the next 8 weeks...standard time to await official response to my complaint.

Today I contacted Hies. 1st I spoke to someone who took an overview of my situation then advised someone would contact me within 48hours. I received a call back on the same day and more details of my issues was taken. I was informed I would recieve a call back again and when I recieved it....WOW!!!

The company had made an offer to cover the monies I had sought in full! I was in shock! Months of trying to resolve my issue and Cathryn had done so in less than 2 hours! I cannot describe what this has meant to myself and my family! Thank you Thank you Thank you

Olivia Anderson
October 2018

HIES Consumer Code is a Proud Member of SureBuy

SureBuy Consumer Protection Group

HIES Consumer Code is a proud member of SureBuy

SureBuy Consumer Protection Group