Green Deal: New £20m Communities Scheme Launched

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) recently announced the launch of the new Green Deal Communities scheme designed to drive Green Deal installations on a street-by-street basis.

The idea behind Green Deal Communities is to encourage local authorities to identify the areas within their own regions that will benefit the most from the Green Deal, and then offer households within these areas incentives to encourage them to install energy efficient products. The authorities can then use these incentives as part of their bids for funding.

Greg Barker, Energy and Climate Change Minister, said:

“If we are going to deliver the Green Deal at a real scale then we need a street-by-street vision and a ‘street-by-street’ plan!”

The Green Deal Communities scheme boasts £20 million to help households benefit from the Green Deal, and local authorities will be able to bid for funding from the pot. DECC will assess all of the bids made, and to enable authorities to make strong bids bidding will be available until 31st December 2013, or until the funds are exhausted.

Greg Barker continued:

“The Coalition is committed to helping hard pressed consumers and this £20 million funding will help more families benefit from the Green Deal, making homes warmer and more efficient, and protecting consumers against rising energy bills.”

In addition to Green Deal Communities it was also announced that Newcastle City Council has launched Warm Up North, a £200 million energy efficiency scheme set to benefit up to 50,000 households and businesses. A Green Deal Provider Forum has also been established to look at ways of supporting the Green Deal. The forum will be chaired by the Group CEO of Kingfisher Plc, Ian Cheshire, and will be supported by the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body.