What Are Transpired Solar Collectors and How Can They Help Your Business

Transpired Solar Collectors (TSCs) are a very simple and effective way to harness energy from the sun to heat a property. The technology is relatively new to the European and UK markets but has seen success over the last 20 years across USA and Canada.

Transpired Solar Collectors are made from perforated pre-finished steel and are installed as a skin onto an existing or new building. The skin creates a cavity with the wall which is then used to draw the sun’s radiant energy into the building.

Installing transpired solar collectors can save up to 50% of space heating costs for commercial properties including, but not limited to, warehouses, hotels, office buildings, multi-residential buildings and schools.

How does a Transpired Solar Collector work?

Transpired Solar Collector’s draw the ambient air warmed by the sun through the perforations in the skins surface into the cavity. The warm air then flows to the top of the building and is circulated using mechanical ventilation. This air is then fed either directly into the building or into a HVAC unit to pre-heat the main heating system.

What are the benefits of Transpired Solar Collectors?

Transpired Solar Collectors have been developed during the last twenty years and are designed to pre-heat fresh air and improve indoor air quality. Installing TSCs can reduce fuel bills by up to 50% and they benefit from a fast payback of up to 3 to 12 years depending on the fuel replacement.

TSCs are up to 80% efficient, maintenance free and have a 30 year life span. Properties featuring TSCs will also benefit from a massive CO2 reduction.

What should you consider when installing Transpired Solar Collectors?

Before installing TSCs you must consider the suitability of location and building, as well as the area of collector required to make the installation viable. The possible energy savings and payback period should also be considered before installation begins.