Access to Consumer Finance for Renewable Installers

Earlier in the year, a number of finance lenders in the renewable sector removed themselves from the market.

This left many installers without a finance facility. HIES recognises the important part finance lenders play in our industry and has been working with lenders to mitigate their Section 75 and Section 56 liabilities (promises made by installers). This is the reason why they exited the market. HIES is giving them the confidence to re-enter this market.

As a result, some finance lenders are now accepting expressions of interests from HIES members.

HIES is working with finance lenders to approve new technologies

We are currently working with finance lenders to gain approval for many new products which will help installers diversify their product range and safeguard their business.

These products include:

  • Next generation Far Infrared Heating Systems
  • Solar Assisted Heat Pumps (Thermodynamics) 
  • Battery Storage Systems 
  • Central Heating Management Products 

If you’re looking at finance for new products, contact us.