the future of renewables

The Future of Renewables – Flexible Energy

Domestic Energy Storage has the potential to be a major contributor to the UK Energy Power Network through load balancing, dynamic response and grid aggregation.

HIES has been working with key industry stakeholders since 2013 (we were the first consumer scheme to approve energy storage products) to create solutions to support the UK renewable industry sector in transitioning to a zero carbon, low cost, decentralised energy network.

HIES is working with key manufacturers in the domestic energy storage sector – BYD, Duracell, Eon, Growatt, LG Chem, Lux Power, Moixa, Prime Hybrid Energy, Puredrive Energy, Pylon Tech, SolaX Power etc. We believe that 2019 will see a large uptake in domestic energy storage, with estimates ranging from 100,000 deployed devices, to over 500,000.

Energy Storage – Aggregation via Grid Trading

A key component for delivering upon our zero carbon goals will be domestic energy storage. There are benefits to stand-alone devices, however, domestic energy storage when aggregated together in large numbers can provide 108GW of support to the UK Energy Grid (stats based on 27m homes with 3.6kw storage capacity each). Grid trading will likely make the proposition to consumers more attractive as they will be paid for their energy by aggregators such as Social Energy, KIWI, OVO etc.

Funding and finance

HIES has always been the market leader when it comes to securing and safeguarding consumer finance in the renewable sector. We have agreements with finance lenders to provide lending facilities to HIES members wishing to install domestic energy storage devices.

We are also working closely with a funding body we hope will be able to introduce a finance model that will be zero cost to consumers in the future. The benefit of this model is that it will allow the unable-to-pay market sector (primarily those in fuel poverty) to take advantage of products like energy storage and solar PV with zero or little direct cost.


Flexi-Orb (Flexible Energy Oversight Registration Body) has been launched to provide oversight registration and regulatory support to the domestic energy storage sector. This body will ensure the safe, controlled deployment and decommissioning of energy storage devices. This body is offering its services for free to installers and manufacturers and is supported by key industry stakeholders.

HIES, in line with other consumer bodies, now requires those members who sell and install domestic energy storage devices to be approved by Flexi-Orb. Please contact us so we can provide more details on how to join and introduce you to the Flexi-Orb team (more info at

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