FIT/Export tariff closures

What’s Next With the Impending Closure of Government’s FIT/Export tariffs in March 2019 – Doom or Boom?

In March of this year (2019) the Government Solar PV FIT/Export tariff will come to an end, and as such installers will not be able to access these incentives through registration with Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

This should not prevent HIES members from continuing to trade in the domestic Solar PV sector. With the Fit/Export now gone, installers of Solar PV will need to work towards achieving higher levels of self-consumption to make their offering attractive to consumers. This can be achieved through products like energy storage.

Consumers want to take control of their energy destiny, they want to reduce their energy bills, and safeguard themselves from future energy price rises, Solar PV & Energy Storage are two leading technologies that achieve those aims.

Installers will be able to access the Smart Energy Guarantee (SEG) at some point in the future, which will enable consumers to sell their excess energy back to energy providers at prices set by the energy providers. How this will look and work in real time, we will have to see. However, achieving maximum self-consumption and usage should be HIES members’ aim, as that is the best offering to consumers.

HIES members install a range of home energy products, and a large number are diversifying into offering a range of products as they become home energy experts. This is a welcome change and one that will lead to better services and products being sold and installed into consumers’ homes.

HIES is the leading Consumer Protection Scheme in the home energy and renewable sector and offer protection on a range of different products, in fact, if it is energy saving or energy generating it is likely that we can offer protection.

HIES features and benefits

  • Access to Finance Facilities
  • Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved Consumer Code
  • Customer Service
  • Complaints Handling – CTSI Approved
  • Mediation – CTSI Approved
  • Free Independent Inspections
  • Forensic Defect Analysis Reports
  • Access to an independent Ombudsman
  • Insurance Backed Guarantee (provided by industry leading SWIG UK – UK based insurer, consumers have access to FOS/FSCS)
  • Deposit Protection Insurance (provided by SWIG UK)
  • Trading Standards Approved Model Contracts, Terms & Conditions – (For installer use)
  • Access to Trading Standards Primary Authority
  • TrustMark Membership
  • Ambassadors Nick Ross and brand new endorsement for 2019
  • Industry Leading Point of Sale Marketing Materials to help HIES Members Sell More
  • Provides HIES Members customers with Trust, Confidence & Peace of Mind
  • Industry Recognised Brand
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service approved by CTSI
  • Compliance with the Consumer Rights Act
  • Compliance with ADR Directive
  • Customer Reviews
  • Business Support Services

If you are a HIES installer, and you want to diversify your offering, find out about finance, storage or the range of products we offer protection on, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

If you aren’t currently a HIES member but you are interested in membership and you want to diversify your offering and prepare for a post FIT boom please get in contact with our membership team on 0344 324 5242.

Featured image by jcomp / Freepik