Amelia’s Journey: Sprinting for Syringomyelia

Members of HIES, Project Heating Solutions’ Operations Manager, Catherine Steelyard, is partaking in this year’s UKFAST City of Manchester 10K run to raise money for Amelia’s spinal surgery.

Amelia's Journey

Amelia, who is just two years old, suffers from a condition called syringomyelia, a fluid-filled cavity within the spinal cord also called syrinx. Amelia’s syrinx is in her neck and from her chest area down to her hips, leaving her unable to walk unaided, with balance issues and temperature loss. If the disease progresses she would be left dependent on oxygen and wheelchair-bound from the paralysis this disease can cause.

Amelia’s parents have found a surgeon in Barcelona who specialises in syringomyelia and can perform the surgery that would stop the progression of this disease by releasing the pressure on her spinal cord. When Amelia and her parents visited the surgeon, he expressed great concern as she is so young, and the disease has already progressed quickly.

The surgery will cost £20,000.

Catherine is running the UKFAST City of Manchester 10k run on Sunday 7th July with her cousin to help raise the funds that Amelia needs for her spinal surgery in Barcelona.

If you would like to sponsor Catherine and help raise money for Amelia’s life-changing spinal surgery, then please follow the Just4Children link below.

Amelia’s parents have also set up a Facebook page where you can follow Amelia’s journey.