Consumers need protection when having renewable installations

Consumers Need Protection Before, During and After Home Energy Efficiency Purchases

HIES were recently invited to give a presentation to the Scottish Parliament Cross-Party Group on Consumer Protection for Home Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The presentation focused on the work of HIES and what the future holds for consumer codes.

The group aims to support victims of mis-selling in the renewables industry as well as look to ensure that future schemes based on Government incentives are safe from rogue traders and that consumers are protected.

Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs at HIES, Adrian Simpson, talked the group through how HIES works to make sure that consumers who use one of their members are never disadvantaged by providing them with protection before, during and after purchase. He also referred to the Group’s industry-leading dispute resolution statistics. HIES is a member of the SureBuy group who resolves complaints in an average of 5.81 days* whereas the UK average is 80 days [1]. Adrian supported this with real practical examples of where HIES had worked with Government and other consumer codes operating in renewables to keep rogue traders out of the market, a primary focus for HIES.

Adrian said:

“It was a great opportunity for HIES to be asked to present our thoughts on consumer protection renewables at The Scottish Parliament. We know mis-selling is a major issue in the renewable industry, one that HIES believe needs to be a primary focus moving forward. We want all consumers to have complete confidence when buying renewables, benefit from saving money on their bills and to be able to make a difference to the planet through these well installed renewable energy products. We believe schemes like the Energy Performance Validation Scheme (EPVS), who work alongside HIES, are a strong solution to mis-selling in the industry.”  

* according to CTSI reporting guidelines the time taken to resolve a dispute only commences seven days after the ADR process starts.