Calling All Solar Installers! Solar Purchasing Schemes Registration Deadline is Fast Approaching

iChoosr, independent experts in group buying schemes, have announced a new round of collective solar purchasing schemes that are due to launch in September 2019.

The schemes offer suppliers the opportunity to deliver on a group purchase, meaning that they would reach a large number of potential customers in a short period of time. Further details about the schemes will be available over the next few weeks.

iChoosr held several ‘Solar Together’ schemes in 2018 which were based in London and the South East. Around 2,000 small-scale solar installations came as the result of the schemes. This year, iChoosr have expanded their reach across the UK and expanded the schemes’ inclusions.

The new solar purchasing schemes are earmarked to be held in the North, East and South of England. Additionally, this time around, the schemes are expected to include battery storage, where appropriate.

The deadline for solar installers to register their interest in tendering to participate in the scheme is 16th August – – registering will enable installers to begin the qualification procedure.

In order to satisfy the criteria installers must be MCS and HIES/RECC certified with enough capacity to deliver high volumes of domestic installations.