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Solar Assisted Heat Pumps From HIES Affiliate Member SAHP Showcased On Grand Designs

Great to see HIES affiliate member SAHP on Grand Designs this week. Kevin McCloud revealed his top five buildings from the show and proud to see their solar assisted heat pumps up there in the top five.

The programme on Channel 4 (which you can watch here) – Kevin’s Grandest designs was a feature celebrating 20 yrs of the Grand Designs programme.

Featuring 5 favourite homes Kevin revisited them, explaining what made them stand out from the 180 plus feature homes throughout the series,

Ed and Rowena’s Hereford home featured at the beginning of the programme where Kevin explained Ed’s organic approach really resonated with him, with the presenter enjoying the slow, thoughtful progress of the build over more than a decade with the house being featured across a number of different episodes!

SAHP worked with the family to install two solar assisted heat humps for the home, one in the main house, occupied by the family of 6 and 1 in a smaller annex, used as a holiday home. The new solar assisted heat pumps saw the family’s hot water demand met and formed part of a larger renewable drive across the home.

SAHP products are now featured within SAP databases meaning not only can they form part of an eco-home they will also help improve the building’s EPC rating and will also shortly be available on the new Government Green Homes Grant.

SAHP is a UK-based global business with over 40 years of experience, specialising in solar assisted heat pumps. The business focuses on developing advanced environmentally friendly energy saving products to help resist climate change and reduce energy consumption.

Their solar assisted heat pumps are now in their 5th generation having undergone continuous development and improvements to ensure both the installer and end-user have the best possible experience. Click here to find out more.