Installers cautiously welcome the Green Homes Grant Scheme

In a survey conducted by the HIES consumer code, over half think that the Green Homes Grant Scheme is good for the renewable industry. Launched in October the scheme aims to help householders by funding either two-thirds or all the cost of applicable green home improvements (dependant on household income). However, respondents criticised the lack of official guidance on the scheme with 87% of respondents stating that the official guidance was insufficient.

There has been substantial consumer demand for the scheme with 50% of respondents telling us that they are extremely busy and struggling with capacity. HIES were keen to understand if the scheme would create jobs, but only a quarter of respondents said that they had to employ more staff.

One respondent commented, “It is raising the awareness of a wider group of people to the advantages of Green products, therefore expanding the opportunities to create more jobs especially in the current climate of uncertainty of many occupations.”

Most respondents also wanted to see the scheme extended past March 2021.

Adrian Simpson, Director of Policy and Regulatory affairs at HIES, said:

“The scheme was launched very quickly and with no consultation and although we and our members welcome the scheme we would like to have seen BEIS engage with us earlier on. The lack of official guidance and detail on the scheme led to confusion for us and our members but are pleased to now see some clarity around the scheme. 

We are also concerned about the supply chain and whether supply can match the huge consumer demand for Green Homes Grant Scheme installations.”

The full survey results can be seen at

For more information on the Green Homes Grants Scheme for both members and consumers, click here.

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