HIES & MCS working together to give consumers confidence in renewable energy for their homes

HIES (The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Quality Assured Contractors Scheme) and MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) are pleased to share their ongoing collaboration, with the aim of supporting consumer confidence for the installation of renewable energy technologies in people’s homes.

In November, the government announced a ‘10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution’. This included the ambition of 600,000 heat pump installations per year by 2028. Both HIES and MCS understand the importance that consumer confidence will play in delivering on this ambition.

Although a proven technology, Heat Pumps that are used to heat people’s homes and hot water, are new to many. Homeowners wishing to invest in renewable energy, and play their part in the fight against climate change, need the reassurance that comes from having quality assured products, installed by certified installers, with the necessary consumer protections if something were to go wrong with their installation.

MCS provides for the industry recognised Standards for both the certification of renewable energy products and their installation. To achieve MCS certification for the installation of renewable energy products, an installer is required to belong to a Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved Consumer Code, of which HIES is one operating in the renewables sector.

Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS, said:

“Consumer Codes have a critical role to play as part of the delivery of MCS. The Codes offer essential guidance to installers on how to conduct their relationships with their customers, and importantly, they also determine high standards of consumer protection, that a consumer can rely upon if things don’t turn out as planned.”

Tony Pickup, Founder of HIES, commented:

“With the strong push towards net zero carbon and HMG’s various initiatives due to support the renewable sector it is critical that certified products and installers come hand in hand with sophisticated and transparent consumer protection mechanisms such as robust dispute resolution facilities and comprehensive underwritten guarantees. It is and will be imperative that consumers have confidence in what they are buying and have somewhere to go if things don’t quite work out. Similarly, installers need help and advice if consumers come forward with potentially vexatious or unfounded complaints and HIES have ensured that equity and fairness are built into the system.”

Ian Rippin concluded by saying:

“This is an exciting time for the sector, not least due to the support that is on offer to consumers through the government’s Green Homes Grant. It is therefore essential, that together with our colleagues at HIES, we provide the confidence that consumers will need if they are to adopt renewable energy for their homes. Anything less will risk the delivery of the government’s ambition and ultimately, the UK’s ability to reach a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

Tony Pickup concluded by saying:

“HIES is proud to support the renewable sector in its expansion plans, assist installers to do a great job and help the government hit its carbon reduction targets over the coming years. The joint working relationship with MCS and HIES will definitely strengthen the sector’s consumer protection credentials.”