What is the 18th Edition and Why Do Some Renewable Energy Installers Need It?

The 18th edition, wiring regs, the regs, BS 7671… whatever you refer to it as, this blog will cover exactly what the 18th Edition is and why installers need it if they want to install some renewable energy technologies, such as solar PV and/or EV charging points.

What is the 18th Edition?

The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2018) came into effect in January 2019, replacing the 17th Edition. The 18th Edition includes important guidelines and processes that all electrical installations must follow for the installation to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations, which is a legal requirement.

Why is the 18th Edition important?

Electrical regulations, including the 18th Edition, must be followed to ensure the proper function of electrical installations and to also ensure the protection of people, livestock, and property.

Who needs the 18th Edition?

Any installer that works on electrical installations in the UK must ensure that they are installing as per the 18th Edition and adhering to the Electricity at Work Regulations.

Every electrician must have their 18th Edition certificate. Electricians who don’t have their 18th Edition qualification run the risk of their installations not meeting current standards.

Why do I need it for some renewable energy installations?

As mentioned, every electrical installation as of January 2019 must be designed in line with the 18th Edition wiring regulations. Within the 18th Edition there are specific requirements for renewable energy installers, such as solar PV and EV charging point installations.

For example, for EV charging points, there has been changes to the regulations in the 18th Edition to make the installation of EV charging points safer, easier, and quicker.

For further information, we recommend you visit The Institution of Engineering and Technology’s website: https://electrical.theiet.org/bs-7671/.

How do I get it?

There are many training courses available for installers to learn and acquire their 18th Edition qualification. The 18th Edition course is essential for those wishing to work on electrical installations and we therefore encourage and recommend these installers to seek a course suitable for them and their requirements.

18th Edition Courses:

You can also do a Google search to find other 18th Edition courses should you wish to choose your own.

What to do after you have got your certificate

Depending on the work you plan to do, you might need to join a competent person’s scheme following the acquisition of your 18th Edition certificate. For example, if you seek to sign off your own work under Part P of the Building Regulations, you will need to be a member of a domestic installers competent person’s scheme.

You can find a list of electrical competent person schemes by visiting the government website.

To join a competent person’s scheme, you must demonstrate that you have the knowledge and experience to complete your installations safely and comply to any relevant regulations. The 18th Edition could be used as evidence for the above.