GivEnergy and HIES

HIES & GivEnergy Working Together to Protect Consumers

HIES and GivEnergy have joined forces to support consumers who find themselves in a challenging situation due to their solar and battery installer’s inability to complete the installation, due to the installer ceasing to trade.

For those consumers who have paid a deposit, their installer ceasing to trade means they could face the prospect of not recovering their funds. HIES is offering these consumers help by completing their installation for the outstanding contract value as well as GivEnergy providing their battery and inverter products at cost.

Faisal Hussain, HIES Chief Executive, comments,

“It is always unfortunate when a member ceases trading as it could create uncertainty for consumers and also harm the reputation of our industry. Therefore, we have been working behind the scenes to find solutions that will ensure consumers who have used a member and are unable to recover their monies, receive a completed solar or battery installation.  GivEnergy should be commended for stepping forward and helping consumers with their solar and battery installation by supplying the products at cost.”

Jason Howlett, Chief Executive Officer of GivEnergy, added,

“It’s our mission to empower energy freedom for all. When we learned that innocent homeowners had paid deposits for future work that was unlikely to ever be undertaken, we instantly wanted to help. We’re proud to collaborate with HIES to ensure that those affected by their installer’s cessation of trading receive the assistance they deserve. Ultimately, we’re dedicated to the industry’s integrity and to the well-being of consumers.”

HIES and GivEnergy have already helped many consumers who have found themselves in the position of potentially losing their deposit without a solar or battery system.

HIES consumer, Mr. Moran, comments,

“HIES rescued us, from having basically lost thousands in deposits, to having the work done as described. Never pay by bank transfer, but always pick a HIES member. They look after you.”

Another HIES consumer, Mr. Meade, comments,

“I would recommend installers underwritten by HIES to my friends and family, they took on the solar panel deficit and used their good offices to still get the job done for the original quotation. I am also very grateful to GivEnergy for their assistance, it was a great relief to avoid the potential loss of deposit.”

And another HIES consumer, Mr. Dunn, comments,

“HIES do exactly what they say – represent and protect the consumer.”

Faisal Hussain, further comments,

“We strongly encourage other manufacturers to get in touch with us and provide their support in giving their products at cost. The boom of solar is going to continue and we want to ensure that consumers have a positive experience and our industry’s reputation is protected.”

Manufacturers and distributors of solar panels and batteries looking to assist can email pledging their support.