Business Support for Renewable Energy Installers

Being a HIES accredited installer comes with a wide range of benefits. With support at every step of an installer’s renewable energy journey, there is help and advice to capitalise on this growing industry sector. Here we outline exactly what an installer can access as part of their HIES membership when they join the scheme.

Renewable energy installations, such as solar PV, appeal to homeowners because they can see an easy way to control their energy costs and contribute to a zero-carbon world. Solar PV technology is easier for a consumer to understand and is a tried and tested alternative to other energy gas-fuelled sources.

For renewable energy installers, there is only room for growth in this sector and opportunities for diversification (and profit) for companies who are looking to move into this sector. As part of its role as a Consumer Code, HIES offers a wide range of support for renewable energy installers to ensure high service levels and standards, to safeguard both installer and consumer. Our installer benefits helps installers at every step, from setting up and registering a business in this sector, right through to an annual review.

Support in six key disciplines.

1. Getting Started

If you are just getting started in your renewable energy journey, we can help installers to set up and introduce you to relevant training providers and quality management systems. In addition, installers can benefit from a free Trustmark membership on becoming a HIES member which is something consumers put trust in. In addition, we can help with choosing accounts software, information on platforms such as CRM systems, which will minimise internal processes, and introductions to manufacturers and distributors.

2. Marketing & Digital

We appreciate that not all installers have the skills or resources to put marketing strategies and processes in place, but HIES can help with that too. It’s a key part of the process of attracting enquiries and leads and should be part of any business plan. Marketing templates are available through HIES, along with help and advice on digital technologies. If you need a website audit, we can do that too, and if the world of digital marketing and what platforms to choose is overwhelming, speak to us!

3. Selling

This leads us on to sales support. We can provide sales training, information on Government schemes and grants, introduce you to finance brokers or lenders and much more. This ensures your team is in the best place to generate and close leads and attract business.

4. Installing

It doesn’t stop there. Once the foundations of the business are in place, your campaign is running and leads are being generated, there is more support. We provide 24/7 access to the HIES online portal making it easier to register your jobs, can introduce you to sub-contractors and provide technical and product support.

5. Customer Service & Satisfaction

This can never be underestimated. Neither buyer nor supplier wants to have call-backs for a faulty installation, for example, so HIES provides support on how to provide an effective service and how to measure and monitor customer satisfaction. If any complaints arise, we are here to listen in confidence, and can provide mediation to you and your customers to help settle any disputes that may arise.

6. Annual Review

Once you are up and running, it doesn’t end there. We can give your business an annual review, to help identify any issues that may cause problems going forward, and to help you keep on track. We can provide documentation assistance to help you comply with legislative requirements and advise on budgeting and cashflow.


If you’re currently a renewable energy installer and require additional business support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Similarly, if you’re considering becoming a renewable energy installer and require more information about HIES Consumer Code, we’re here to assist you.

For more information on the benefits you can receive as a HIES member, please click here.