New Business Podcast Series available now

Chief Executive of HIES Consumer Code, Faisal Hussain, discusses their new Business Support Podcast series, created in partnership with the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC) and many other leading organisations, which is due to go live in June.

A new podcast series ‘Beyond Tools: Navigating Business Success’ takes listeners through the difficulties that can come with business ownership. Running a business in the renewables industry is a challenging yet rewarding journey, filled with opportunities for growth and success. However, the path to success for many aspiring business owners may be a bit trickier than they first thought. Recognising the need for guidance and support within the sector, the new podcast series, created in partnership with the National Housing Improvement Council (NHIC), seeks to address these challenges.

Faisal Hussain comments,

“In our first podcast series, which focused on breaking the silence around mental health, one of the recurring topics of conversation was the challenges many faced in running a business, so it made perfect sense for this to be the focus of our second series. We wanted to build on these conversations and explore practical solutions for the challenges faced, by talking to specialists who were willing to share their experiences with host Anna Scothern (Chair of the NHIC and host of their popular podcast) and members of the HIES and DGCOS teams. Together we unpick the issues and offer useful tips to businesses in the renewable, glazing and wider home improvement sector. The episodes include:


“Jack White is the Head of Business Development at Segen, the largest distributor of renewable products within the UK market. In this episode, alongside Jonathon Moorhouse, Head of Business at HIES, they discuss the essence of collaboration and industry relationships, pointing out the importance of networking within the industry and building strong relationships with suppliers, contractors, and other professionals. Jack emphasises the pivotal role of networking amongst today’s unpredictability and a fluctuating supply chain. This episode highlights how Segen helps to mitigate this through collaboration across all points of the chain from suppliers to installers. Jack touches on the upcoming online portal, marketing initiatives, and what’s expected with Segen Academy.

Selling and marketing

“Rhys Jones from Trustmark, alongside Gemma McGougan from HIES, share insights on boosting revenue through effective sales and marketing strategies for installers. Together they discuss the future opportunities, such as leveraging LinkedIn for energy efficiency initiatives and tapping into accredited installers for green mortgages and lending.

Grants and incentives

“In this episode I explore available grants and incentives specifically tailored to renewable energy  initiatives with Stew Horne from Energy Saving Trust. This approach looks at both specific grants and incentives as well as broader, more generic content. Another point of conversation is exploring the possibilities offered by ECO4 that offers financial support and provides assurance of credibility through endorsement.

Advice for the wider renewables sector

“Renewables is a sector that is still in its infancy and can be unpredictable with a fluctuating supply chain. We’re also a long way from meeting renewable energy targets set by the government so, in these episodes, we’re discussing how collaboration can empower and support businesses to grow and adapt.”

The new ‘Beyond Tools: Navigating Business Success’ podcast series with the NHIC is launching on the 27th June, with a total of six episodes being released on a weekly basis during June and July.

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