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HIES Affiliate Partner Programme Accreditation Process

We invite manufacturers and distributors of products and services delivered to members of HIES to apply to become an Affiliate Partner and companies may include:

Manufacturers and/or distributors of Infra Red Heating systems; solar assisted, air source and ground source heat pumps; Solar Modules, mounting systems, inverters, battery systems; Biomass boilers; Energy & heat management systems / controls.

Service providers for Energy Performance certificates, groundwork contractors, scaffolders, roofers etc.

There is clear synergy to assisting our members grow their business through an Affiliate Partner network that adopts the HIES Ethos, may offer preferential rates and is willing to share industry news and offer training / support.

Vetting procedures:

A comprehensive review of a Company is undertaken before an offer of Affiliate Partner status is made, covering the following areas:

  1. Solvency
  2. Ethos
  3. Treating Customers Fairly
  4. Procedures

Product Approval:

Whilst a Company may pass accreditation and become an Affiliate Partner, we still need to check individual products offered before they can be added to our approved register. As such we undertake a detailed review of the following areas:

  1. Supply
  2. Certifications
  3. Warranties
  4. Veracity of performance claims
  5. Method of sale
  6. Training

Affiliate Partner accreditation and product approval report:

Once the above areas have been assessed we create a report that is intended to collate information regarding our Affiliate Partner, and selected products that they supply, in order to identify the steps taken to demonstrate the performance characteristics of the products. The report gathers together the evidence of third party certification, approval and testing of the products supplied by accredited organisations to the Affiliate Partner. Each of those organisations are responsible for the veracity of their own reports and HIES cannot accept any responsibility for the statements made therein.

HIES carry out these checks for it’s own purposes in order to reduce consumer detriment, claims, complaints and allow HIES’s Approved Insurers to provide these products with a ‘Product and Workmanship’ Insurance Backed Guarantee. The report includes HIES’ best professional assessment of the Affiliate Partners procedures relating to consumer protection both directly and through its dealings with installers to assist a third party carry out its own review and make a judgment for its own purposes.

Links with Funders:

In any industry the availability of consumer finance is key to increased market penetration. This is something that we are very aware of, and was a key consideration when determining how to accredit Affiliate Partners and their products.

Lenders need to have confidence in a product and how it is sold to ensure that they are lending responsibly and that Consumers are protected in full. It is also important to know that when things go wrong, there are mechanisms in place to ensure that Consumers are never disadvantaged. HIES make this promise and our accreditation of Members, Affiliate Partners and products alongside ongoing auditing and monitoring, ensure that we keep it.

We work with lenders to give these assurances, through our Affiliate Partner programme, such that HIES members can access funding for their customers (subject to holding an FCA Approval to do so).

Nick Ross

(Former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch presenter)

" The Ombudsman provides real protection. Both consumers and installers have access to a complaints service that has 'teeth' and the power to enforce its awards."

Nick Ross (Former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch Presenter)