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Former Chartered Trading Standards Institute Services Director joins HIES


Adrian Simpson - HIES Assistant Director of Consumer Policy

I’m Adrian Simpson the new Assistant Director of Consumer Policy, having joined HIES in December 2017. My role is to ensure that HIES is an influential and powerful organisation that continues to make the market work well for consumers and businesses.

The renewables and home improvement markets are incredibly politically driven and it’s important that our voice is heard.

If you are not seen to be involved in the politics and mechanisms of Government you can be easily forgotten!

Previous to working at HIES I managed the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme and Business Advice Service at the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI). 

How can I help you?
Having led on business engagement before I’m sure that many members feel frustrations or experience difficulties with the law and regulations. If members identify these, it’s really important that you let us know as we will consider what we can do to make things easier. I want to make sure that we are engaging with members and representing your voice. If you think the rules and regulations don’t work, then let me know and we can look at how they can be fixed. 

My day job is very much around monitoring Government outputs such as consultations, reports and market studies and seeing how we can influence these. As I’m based in Kent it’s easy for me to attend meetings and groups that have an interest in renewables and home improvements.

I’m passionate about consumer protection and business support and am proud to be a Lead Officer for the CTSI as well as being on the editorial board for CTSI publications.

Outside of work I love spending time with my 3 young boys Charlie, Riley and Oliver especially if it involves going to see Spurs at Wembley, where we’ve got a season ticket after waiting 20 years for one!


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Scottish Parliament Debate on Consumer Protection for Home Efficiency and Renewable Energy


It’s always a pleasure to be in Edinburgh whether for work or relaxation and after a 10-year absence I managed to go twice in two weeks. Firstly to celebrate my wife’s 30th Birthday and earlier this week to attend the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Consumer Protection for Home Efficiency and Renewable Energy chaired by Clare Haughey MSP.

The vision
Scotland is really leading the way in the UK for renewables and the Government has an ambitious target of 100% of Scottish domestic energy to come from renewables by 2020. In a land of contrasting weather it makes sense to use the environment to their advantage and save consumers money, and most importantly save the environment.

These thoughts were brought down to earth by some of the horror stories shared by representatives from a Citizen’s Advice Bureau as well as an Ayrshire action group. They detailed the systematic, fraudulent abuse of the Green Deal scheme by one particular rogue trader that has left consumers with poor quality installations and in some cases, unable to sell their own homes due to financial charges on the property.

An enterprising member of the Citizens Advice Bureaux (CAB) had gone through consumer protection legislation and looked for a way to assist consumers. This made me think that where legislation doesn’t always cover consumers it is down to industry to look for self-regulation solutions and with dwindling resources in the consumer protection world such as cuts to trading standards budgets, it really is important that self-regulation is given a platform.

We look forward to the next meeting in May.

Adrian Simpson
Assistant Director of Consumer Policy


Photo: Adrian Simpson at Holyrood, The Scottish Parliament



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Avoid Solar PV Health Check Scams

HIES are aware of an increasing number of consumers who are being contacted by companies regarding their Solar PV installations. These companies are cold calling consumers claiming that they are working in conjunction with, on behalf of or in partnership with HIES, The Insurance Backed Guarantee Company (IBG Co.) or MCS.

We would like to reassure consumers that HIES has not partnered with any companies and have not and will not ever pass on any contact details.

Consumers have been contacted and offered the following services:
   • Maintenance
   • Upgrades
   • Safety checks
   • Inverter checks
   • Buy back solar solutions

HIES, as a consumer code, is concerned about these calls and are taking the matter seriously. We will be working closely with MCS and Trading Standards to ensure that consumers are protected and are aware of these scams and know how to protect themselves.

If you feel like you have been affected or are unsure if a company is genuine or not, we would advise you seek advice from Citizens Advice Helpline: 03454 040506 or, to confirm if you are registered with HIES, call us on 0344 324 5242.

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