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British Smart Battery System Manufacturer Puredrive Energy Gains Investment


Puredrive Energy Ltd, one of the UK’s leading battery storage companies, gains investment from The Maximeyes Group, one of the largest energy consultancy groups in the UK.


Puredrive Energy’s partnership with The Maximeyes Group, will help fund and support growth of battery storage solutions in the domestic, commercial and off-grid sectors. Puredrive Energy, based in Gloucestershire, is one of the few battery suppliers who design and manufacture in the UK and provide service and support from their UK offices.

Mark Millar, CEO and Co-founder of Puredrive Energy stated:

“The Maximeyes Group are the right partners for us, since they bring the financial investment to further our growth, along with a significant commercial client base which can benefit significantly from battery storage.”


The founders of Puredrive Energy have been at the forefront of battery technology for over ten years, with extensive experience in the latest battery solutions, including lithium ion. Puredrive Energy is at the forefront of battery centric energy storage systems.

Puredrive Energy currently sell their battery storage systems in the UK, through Edmundson Electrical, the largest electrical wholesaler in the UK. Puredrive Energy just completed a successful 12-month pilot with Severn Vale Housing Association (now Bromford) attaining their energy saving targets, saving the tenant approximately £400 and demonstrating how their battery system, more than doubled CO2 and energy savings. Puredrive Energy offer a wide range of battery system options from 5kWh to 30kWh, single and three phase for domestic and commercial applications.

Shamir Jiwa, CEO and founder of Maximeyes UK Ltd, comments that “Puredrive Energy provides good synergy with our group of companies, including Optimeyes Energy, with a vision and mission of bringing 1,000s of homes out of fuel poverty, and bringing to both the domestic and commercial market a new, more sustainable energy supply that is more renewable and green. We are committed to promoting integrated, fully funded solutions in partnership with our clients and suppliers where we share the risk to reduce the barriers to installing next generation energy solutions.”

For more information please visit www.puredrive-energy.co.uk

Tel: 01684 851205

Sales: sales@puredrive-energy.co.uk

Technical: paul@puredrive-energy.co.uk 






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What next with the impending closure of Governments FIT/Export Tariffs in March 2019? – Doom or Boom?

HIES installers need not be afraid

In March of this year (2019) the Government Solar PV Fit/Export incentive scheme will come to an end, and as such installers will not be able to access these incentives through registration with Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

This should not prevent HIES members from continuing to trade in the domestic Solar PV sector. With the Fit/Export now gone, installers of Solar PV will need to work towards achieving higher levels of self-consumption to make their offering attractive to consumers. This can be achieved through products like energy storage.

Consumers want to take control of their energy destiny, they want to reduce their energy bills, and safeguard themselves from future energy price rises, Solar PV & Energy Storage are two leading technologies that achieve those aims.

solar pv and energy storageInstallers will be able to access the Smart Energy Guarantee (SEG) at some point in the future, which will enable consumers to sell their excess energy back to energy providers at prices set by the energy providers. How this will look and work in real time, we will have to see. However, achieving maximum self-consumption and usage should be HIES members' aim, as that is the best offering to consumers. 

HIES members install a range of home energy products, and a large number are diversifying into offering a range of products as they become home energy experts. This is a welcome change and one that will lead to better services and products being sold and installed into consumers’ homes.

HIES is the leading Consumer Protection Scheme in the home energy and renewable sector and offer protection on a range of different products, in fact, if it is energy saving or energy generating it is likely that we can offer protection. 

HIES features & benefits:

  1. Access to Finance Facilities
  2. CTSI approved Consumer Code (Chartered Trading Standards Institute)
  3. Customer Service
  4. Complaints Handling – CTSI Approved
  5. Mediation – CTSI Approved
  6. Free Independent Inspections
  7. Forensic Defect Analysis Reports
  8. Access to an independent Ombudsman
  9. Insurance Backed Guarantee (provided by industry leading SWIG UK – UK based insurer, consumers have access to FOS/FSCS)
  10. Deposit Protection Insurance (provided by SWIG UK)
  11. Trading Standards Approved Model Contracts, Terms & Conditions – (For installer use)
  12. Access to Trading Standards Primary Authority
  13. TrustMark Membership
  14. Certified Trading Standards Institute Consumer Code
  15. Ambassadors Nick Ross and brand new endorsement for 2019
  16. Industry Leading Point of Sale Marketing Materials to help HIES Members Sell More
  17. Provides HIES Members customers with Trust, Confidence & Peace of Mind
  18. Industry Recognised Brand
  19. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service approved by CTSI
  20. Compliance with the Consumer Rights Act
  21. Compliance with ADR Directive
  22. Customer Reviews
  23. Business Support Services

If you are a HIES installer, and you want to diversify your offering, find out about finance, storage or the range of products we offer protection on, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

If you aren’t currently a HIES member but you are interested in membership and you want to diversify your offering and prepare for a post FIT boom please get in contact with our membership team on 0344 324 5242.



 Image credit: Designed by Kjpargeter / Freepik



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Ikano Bank shortlisted for innovative home renewables protection scheme


Ikano Bank shortlisted for innovative home renewables protection scheme

The Energy Performance Validation Scheme (EPVS), created in partnership with Certi-fi Schemes and Ikano, has been shortlisted in the ‘Best Industry Innovation' category for the Card & Payment Awards 2019, which will take place next February.


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Andy Paver - IkanoAndy Paver, Head of UK Loans & New Business said:

"EPVS is the first of its kind for home renewables purchases. Buyers can have increased faith in both the installation and the savings calculations, home renewables products are designed to provide. We’re committed to growing the home renewables market and increasing consumer confidence is critical for sustainable growth. Ikano Bank’s promise, On Fair Terms, comes alive in EVPS by protecting everyone involved – customers, retailers and ourselves, the lender."



The scheme supports sustainable home improvements, removing a barrier to purchase and payment. Home renewables buyers can purchase with point of sale finance, splitting the cost and giving them confidence in their investment.

100% customer satisfaction has been achieved from over 90,000 customers since the programme launched in December 2017, demonstrating the success of the programme and Ikano Bank’s commitment to fair terms for customers and the home renewables market.





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