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The future of renewables - flexible energy


Domestic Energy Storage has the potential to be a major contributor to the UK Energy Power Network through load balancing, dynamic response and grid aggregation.

battery storageHIES has been working with key industry stakeholders since 2013 (we were the first consumer scheme to approve energy storage products) to create solutions to support the UK renewable industry sector in transitioning to a zero carbon, low cost, decentralised energy network.

HIES is working with key manufacturers in the domestic energy storage sector - BYD, Duracell, Eon, Growatt, LG Chem, Lux Power, Moixa, Prime Hybrid Energy, Puredrive Energy, Pylon Tech, SolaX Power etc. We believe that 2019 will see a large uptake in domestic energy storage, with estimates ranging from 100,000 deployed devices, to over 500,000.

Energy Storage - Aggregation via Grid Trading

A key component for delivering upon our zero carbon goals will be domestic energy storage. There are benefits to stand-alone devices, however, domestic energy storage when aggregated together in large numbers can provide 108GW of support to the UK Energy Grid (stats based on 27m homes with 3.6kw storage capacity each). Grid trading will likely make the proposition to consumers more attractive as they will be paid for their energy by aggregators such as Social Energy, KIWI, OVO etc.

Funding and finance

HIES has always been the market leader when it comes to securing and safeguarding consumer finance in the renewable sector. We have agreements with finance lenders to provide lending facilities to HIES members wishing to install domestic energy storage devices.

We are also working closely with a funding body we hope will be able to introduce a finance model that will be zero cost to consumers in the future. The benefit of this model is that it will allow the unable-to-pay market sector (primarily those in fuel poverty) to take advantage of products like energy storage and solar PV with zero or little direct cost.


The Flexible Energy Oversight Registration Body (Flexi-ORB) has been launched to provide oversight registration and regulatory support to the domestic energy storage sector. This body will ensure the safe, controlled deployment and decommissioning of energy storage devices. This body is offering its services for free to installers and manufacturers and is supported by key industry stakeholders.


HIES, in line with other consumer bodies, now requires those members who sell and install domestic energy storage devices to be approved by Flexi-ORB. Please contact us so we can provide more details on how to join and introduce you to the Flexi-ORB team (more info at www.flexi-orb.com).





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The 8 pillars of consumer protection - consumer protection at its best!


Consumer protection is at the heart of everything we do at HIES and we strongly believe that no consumer should ever be left disadvantaged. With this in mind, we are constantly striving to reduce consumer detriment and raise industry standards.

The level of consumer protection provided by HIES is of the highest standard, and in order to achieve this, we believe the following ‘8 pillars of consumer protection’ must be adhered to:


  1. All home improvement businesses are members of an approved industry sector Code of Practice (COP).

  2. All consumers are registered with the installer’s COP (so the Code has oversight).

  3. The COP writes to every consumer entering into a contract with a member (above, £500 contract value) letting them know of the protections in place and also asking for feedback on the installer’s performance.

  4. The COP has a responsibility to provide free mediation, free inspections and free ADR/ Ombudsman protection if there are any disputes with its members.

  5. The COP cannot ‘lose its responsibility’ if the installer is no longer a member.

  6. The COP should police and audit that all consumers have their deposits and guarantees robustly protected, should the installer cease to trade (and keep records of this).

  7. The COP should police that all ‘performance calculations’ or other pre-sales information given by traders are verified and audited and if the performance calculations are found to be incorrect, obtain effective redress for the consumer.

  8. Consumers should have access to a ‘scheme of last result’ in case the trader becomes insolvent. This way no consumer will ever be disadvantaged.


Click here for a shareable version of the 8 pillars






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HIES Affiliate Partnership


 HIES Affiliate Partnership

Key Stats for HIES Affiliate Members

over 850

home improvement installers in HIES and affiliated schemes*


over 10,000

home energy saving products installed monthly by HIES and Affiliated Scheme Members


over 600,000

have already purchased (home improvement products) from HIES and Affiliated Scheme Members


What is HIES’ Affiliate Partner Programme?

Having been successful in providing consumer protection through installers, HIES has recognised the need to provide confidence in the complete supply chain and industry in general. HIES has therefore introduced an Affiliate Partner Programme, with requirements tailored specifically for manufacturers, distributors and service providers. HIES has established the Affiliate Partner Programme in order to promote consumer protection by ensuring that when a product is installed in a domestic setting, it is sold in a clear, consistent and fair manner (agreed with the manufacturer); and installed professionally, in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

To achieve Affiliate Partner status, applicants must undergo an accreditation process that examines solvency, ethos and reviews processes and procedures that are in place to ensure consumers are treated fairly. Affiliate Partners demonstrate they share HIES’ ethos and are committed to ensuring their network of installers provide professional services to consumers.

Benefits of becoming a HIES affiliate partner?

  1. FREE listing on the HIES website.
  2. FREE marketing support to help generate awareness of your business.
  3. FREE PR support to help build brand awareness among the sector.
  4. Installer sales leads: HIES will publicise the Affiliate Partnership via mail, web and social.
  5. Featured in the HIES installer newsletter to help promote your business.
  6. Banner advertising on the HIES Job Registration system, available on a PPC basis.
  7. HIES is endorsed by consumer champion Nick Ross (Watchdog and Crimewatch).
  8. Help and advice with compliance and legislative issues.
  9. Access to finance providers for product approval when sold by a HIES member.

Who can become an Affiliate Partner?

The HIES Affiliate Partner Programme is ideal for manufacturers, distributors or service providers who are involved in the renewable sector and specialise in the following products:


  1. Air Source Heat Pumps
  2. Battery Storage
  3. Boilers (including Biomass)
  4. Ground Source Heat Pumps
  5. Infrared Heating System
  6. Solar Photovoltaics
  7. Solar Thermal
  8. All Renewable Technologies
  9. All Types of Home Insulation 

What is HIES?

The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme (HIES) is a Consumer Code in the renewables sector awarded by The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) and The Consumer Codes Approval Board. HIES has a network of installers who operate in the renewables and home energy markets.

NIck RossHIES is a consumer protection organisation and our overriding objective is to promote best practice in the sale, installation and after-sales service of renewable products to consumers. Protecting consumers is at the heart of everything we do.

All HIES Accredited Installers are continually vetted in many areas in order to help ensure consumers are satisfied. All consumers receive comprehensive protection throughout the buying, installation and after-sales experience. Consumers can check to establish if their installer is on the HIES national network of Accredited Installers before placing their order.

HIES provides a FREE service to investigate any complaints made against members. This includes: FREE mediation, FREE independent inspections (at HIES discretion) and FREE access to an independent Ombudsman.




*HIES Affiliated Schemes: DGCOS (Double Glazing and Conservatory Quality Assurance Ombudsman Scheme), HICS (Home Improvement Consumer Protection Scheme) and The Quality Assurance Service Company LTD trading as GDGC.



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