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Access to Consumer Finance for Renewable Installers

Earlier in the year a number of finance lenders in the renewable sector removed themselves from the market. 

This left many installers without a finance facility. HIES recognises the important part finance lenders play in our industry and has been working with lenders to mitigate their Section 75 and Section 56 liabilities (promises made by installers). This is the reason why they exited the market. HIES is giving them confidence to re-enter this market.

As a result, some finance lenders are now accepting expressions of interests from HIES members.

A New Consumer Code with A New Philosophy “We Are Here To Help”


"HIES have invested considerable resources into providing not just a ‘Code of Practice’ for installers but a totally different value proposition. It isn’t enough for us to simply mirror existing Consumer Codes, HIES represent something more. A lot more. If there is one message we want installers to be clear of, it is that “We Are Here To Help”. Whether this is through helping installers with difficult situations involving customers, or helping navigate through the Code of Practice Audits, our mantra will always be the same, “We Are Here To Help”.

Tony Pickup, HIES Founder