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HIES and YouGen Working Together to Help Combat Mis-selling


YouGenAs you will no doubt be aware the mis-selling of performance related products is a growing concern within the renewable energy industry.

HIES is a Chartered Trading Standards Approved Consumer Code and is, at its heart, a Consumer Protection organisation.

As a leading Consumer Protection organisation, HIES is committed to policing this extremely difficult and complex area, raising standards and increasing consumer understanding with regards to typical mis-selling techniques.

HIES is working with YouGen to help build a foundation of invaluable resources and has so far put together articles which revolve around the subject of the mis-selling of two renewable products, Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) and Solar PV Inverters.

Air Source Heat Pumps
The first article (Air Source Heat Pump: Is it right for your home?) details the two main types of ASHPs and covers information on initial investment, running costs, projected savings, suitability and the domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI). Please read the full article on the YouGen website.

Solar PV Inverters
The second article (Solar PV Inverter: Should you replace it?) highlights the issues surrounding consumers being approached about replacing their inverter. The article helps consumers, who have an existing solar PV system, understand whether replacement is the right decision. Please read the full article on the YouGen website.

HIES will continue to write for, and share, articles on the YouGen blog in an effort to inform consumers and eradicate the bad practices.

If there is a particular subject you would like us to create an article about, please let us know.



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Mis-selling in the Renewable Industry


Mis-selling in the renewable industryMis-selling in the renewable industry can take many forms and there are some scammers out there trying to raise alarm bells for consumers who already have renewable products installed.

In the renewable sector, consumers, on a far too frequent basis, have been, and still are, being mis-sold renewable/home energy products based on over-inflated (or sometimes just made up) energy performance calculations and estimates.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there!

Consumers who have already invested in renewable products such as Solar PV are being targeted by scammers purporting to offer varying degrees of maintenance opportunities including upgrades, extended warranties or additional products. Some consumers are even being mis-sold through claims that their products need to be replaced, are faulty or that they will see an increase in performance with extra maintenance.

Protecting consumers
However, HIES, a Consumer Code and Consumer Protection Scheme, will always advise consumers to use an installer who is a member of a Consumer Code and to check what protection they truly receive from their installer and Consumer Code. HIES also offer a free Consumer Helpline for consumers who wish to check the status of HIES members and get advice.

At HIES, we work with our members to ensure that consumers are protected, and we offer comprehensive protection throughout the sales, installation and after-sales cycle. In addition, HIES developed the Energy Performance Validation Scheme (EPVS).


EPVSEPVS certifies the energy performance calculations and estimates installers provide to consumers to ensure they are correct. EPVS then makes direct contact with consumers to verify these figures and ensure the consumer understands the performance figures/returns. For further information on how EPVS protects consumers please visit the website www.epvs.co.uk


Mis-selling has seriously damaged consumer confidence resulting in many consumers not trusting installers and ultimately not having the peace of mind to buy. HIES is dedicated to helping improve the renewable industry. HIES is focussed on Consumer Protection and we will continue our work with Government, Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) and other bodies to show the benefits of renewable energy and the difference it makes to people’s lives.



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