No one likes unhappy customers.
They cost time, money and can reflect badly on the industry as a whole. Your business’s reputation can depend on consumers’ ‘word of mouth’ and unhappy customers can reduce confidence.

Ask Yourself: 

* How much time do you spend dealing with complaints?

* How much money have you spent trying to resolve complaints?

* How much have you paid out in compensation?

Sometimes situations arise where there is a difference of opinion between the customer and installer; this is where HIES can help. Our success is based on communicating confidently and openly with both parties.

Our process is designed to provide transparency, speedy resolution of disputes, protect consumers and the industry’s reputation. HIES ‘takes ownership’ and investigates all complaints. We do not refer complainants to MCS or any Certification Body for any ‘technical issues’ allowing us to ensure a consumer is not left disadvantaged. From January to October 2015 HIES’s 3 Stage Dispute Resolution Process yielded the following results.