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Government grants for Electric Vehicle Chargepoints

In an effort to reduce the country’s carbon footprint, the Government is encouraging people to Go Electric, and there are grants available to assist in not only the purchase of electric vehicles but also the installation of charging points via the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS)

Under the EVHS a grant of 75% (capped at £500 incl. VAT) is available for the installation of chargepoints at domestic properties for electric vehicle owners. To qualify for a grant there are certain criteria that must be met by the EV owner. Please see the latest EVHS guidance for installers for further details of the scheme requirements.

Approved Chargepoints

There are currently, as of 15 August 2018 (list last updated 5 July 2018), 420 chargepoint models from 37 manufacturers on the EVHS approved chargepoint model list and only these are eligible for the grant.

Eligible vehicles

Only vehicles which have been approved as ultra-low emission vehicles by the OLEV are eligible for the scheme – please see the full list of eligible vehicles.

For an installer to claim the EVHS grant on behalf of a customer, they must be authorised by the OLEV.

How do Installers become OLEV authorised?

Already an approved chargepoint installer?

If you are already approved to install chargepoints by a manufacturer on the approved chargepoint model list you can apply online to become an authorised OLEV chargepoint installer. You will need to provide the following documentation:

  1. proof of your Electrician’s Association (eg. NAPIT/NICEIC)
  2. proof of your public liability insurance
  3. proof you (all your company’s installers) have been trained to install chargepoints
  4. proof you are approved by the chargepoint manufacturer to install their products

Click here to apply online to become an authorised OLEV chargepoint installer

Not yet an approved chargepoint installer?

In order to become an OLEV authorised installer, you must first complete a training course that complies with the IET Code of Practice and become approved by a manufacturer to install their products. Courses are available for qualified electricians and for those with no previous electrical experience.

The approved chargepoint model list details the manufacturers whose products are eligible for the EVHS, many of whom run EV chargepoint installation and product training for qualified electricians.

Further information

Further information can be found at:

  1. Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme guidance for installers: version 2.2 (May 2018)
  2. Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme guidance for consumers: version 2.2 (May 2018)



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