Visit the Flexible Energy Information Centre (stand E620) during UK Construction Week



Professional installers in the renewable energy sector should make the Flexible Energy Information Centre (FEIC) their first stop in the Energy Section at UK Construction Week. Located on Stand E620, the FEIC is bringing together consumer protection, validation, certification and registration. 

Along with HIES, the other organisations exhibiting on the FEIC stand are:


The Energy Performance Validation Scheme (EPVS)

EPVS is a certification standard that certifies the processes used by installers to ensure energy saving, generating and/or storing calculations/estimates for home energy products are accurate and valid. 



Certi-fi Schemes Ltd

The UK specialist certification scheme for domestic energy storage.



The Flexible Energy Oversight Registration Body (Flexi-ORB)

Flexi-ORB aims to create a smart, decentralised, flexible energy platform that connects domestic energy storage, electric vehicle energy storage and charging points together to reduce load capacity on the UK energy grid.




Under the Flexible Energy Information Centre umbrella, these four organisations give installers and homeowners everything they need to know about renewables and energy storage, and bringing all four organisations together gives installers a comprehensive offering of renewables, to help them attract more sales and understand the changing landscape of flexible energy.

The Flexible Energy Information Centre will be on Stand E620 in the Energy section, next to the UKCW main stage.



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