As a consumer protection organisation, we’re putting consumers first and at the heart of every installation. In 2020 alone, we protected over 150,000 renewable installations. Talk to our dedicated advisors; we listen and analyse your needs and suggest a suitable avenue for a greener, more efficient energy system that will be tailored to your home.

  • We don’t sell renewable products – we’re in here to ensure you get the right product fitted.
  • We’ll tell you if it is not suitable for your home – being impartial is vital, and we’ll also help you find the best measures for your home.
  • We’ll provide you with estimates of potential savings  – our dedicated advisor will provide you with an indication of how much you could potentially save or earn from the installation.
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Solar Panels

Solar Panels can be a great way of saving money on electricity through natural sunlight, reducing your carbon footprint and electricity bills.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps can heat your home using the outside air without the need for burning natural gas or other fossil fuels.

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Solar Battery Systems

Combine solar panels and battery storage to save electricity you generate for evening use or be paid for the energy you generate but don’t use.

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Remember every time you use a HIES installer, and you receive the additional benefits and peace of mind of consumer protection with your installation.

  • Vetted & Inspected Installers
  • Deposit Protection
  • Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Customer Advice Helpline
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Frequently Asked Questions

Before we begin, here are some of the questions we are frequently asked about our consultation process.


What happens once I have submitted my details?

Once you submit the form one of the advisors will contact you within 48 hours to arrange an initial conversation. This will take place over the phone and the advisor will determine whether a consultation is appropriate for your needs.


How does the consultation work?

The consultation process involves looking at your energy bills (gas and electricity bills), finding a better deal if possible (for your energy usage), looking at the renewables products which are appropriate for your needs.


How long does the consultation process take?

From start to finish the process takes up to 28 days.


What information will I need to supply?

You will need to supply, as a minimum, the most recent energy bill from your supplier. This helps establish whether there are any savings you can make by switching supplier and also the savings you could make by having renewable products installed.