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HIES Affiliated Partner Programme

HIES operate a Chartered Trading Standards Institute approved Consumer Code.

Our promise is simple, in that we are fair to our members, fair to consumers and ensure that a consumer is NEVER disadvantaged from the moment they sign a contract to the end of the warranty provided by their installer. This message is endorsed by Nick Ross, HIES Ambassador and former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch presenter.

In order to keep with the above promise we provide the following services to consumers, on behalf of our members:

  1. Fully Vetted and Accredited Installers
  2. Free Deposit Protection (up to 25% of the contract value)
  3. Free Insurance Backed Guarantee
  4. Free Mediation (to help fully resolve any disputes should they arise)
  5. Free Independent Inspections (to assist with installation/product defects at HIES discretion)
  6. Free access to an independent Ombudsman (to conclude disputes without incurring legal fees or costs)

Consumer Protection is very much a current topic, following the miss selling of PPI which, amongst many issues, resulted in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 becoming law from October 2015.

The forthcoming Bonfield review will comment on:

  1. Consumer advice and protection: what supports consumers’ decisions ahead of an installation and what assistance is available when things go wrong?
  2. Standards framework: what ensures that the right products are fitted to the right properties in the right way during the installation?
  3. Monitoring and enforcement: what ensures that poor quality work is dealt with effectively, and do the arrangements for audit, compliance-checking and sanctions provide sufficient assurance of this

The aim is to protect both consumers and Brands, by ensuring that when products are installed in a domestic setting, it is sold in a clear, consistent and fair manner (with any claims being backed by the manufacturer) and installed professionally, in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

The HIES Affiliate Partners programme will:

  1. Police the sales and installation of products, to protect consumers and partners alike
  2. Verify product performance claims, such that Finance Providers will allow HIES members to offer finance
  3. Provide an alternative dispute resolution service in the event that an installer fails to deal with a complaint or has ceased trading
  4. Provide conciliation in order to ensure a consumer is not disadvantaged and the partner does not need to become involved
  5. Provide technical reports to establish the correct remedial action for an installation complaint
  6. Resolve any issues that arise under a workmanship warranty claim where the member has ceased trading (as part of this we look for the support of partners for technical and product issues)

Partners will also have access to HIES members by way of website link, approved direct mailing, quarterly newsletter, opportunities to present at seminars and banner advertising on the HIES Job Registration system (where appropriate).

We work with current lenders in the renewable sector helping them resolve claims issues and protecting against future claims. A large part of this is establishing clear and fair sales and illustration processes along with a review of the manufacturer's supporting documentation which demonstrates that their product should be expected to last for (at least) as long as the manufacturer's warranty. The approval process also includes establishing the company's ethos and returns procedures to ensure that the consumer is protected.

Nick Ross

(Former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch presenter)

" The Ombudsman provides real protection. Both consumers and installers have access to a complaints service that has 'teeth' and the power to enforce its awards."

Nick Ross (Former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch Presenter)