Solar Plants / Valo Group

This is a notice to inform you that the following companies have entered into liquidation;

Solarplants Limited’, including the brand ‘Solar Plants’; and

‘The Valo Group Europe Limited’, including the brands ‘Valo’ and ‘The Valo Group’

Both companies have confirmed that they do not intend to fulfil their obligations with regards to honouring warranties of products installed.


If you are a current or former customer of ‘Solarplants Limited’

If you are a current customer of Solarplants Limited, Climate Save Renewables have negotiated with the liquidator to buy and complete any work-in-progress which is, in effect, any uncompleted installations. You should be contacted by Climate Save Renewables directly, but you can also fill in the details below and HIES will pass your enquiry through to them.

If you are a former customer of ‘The Valo Group Europe Limited’

If you are a customer who has had any renewable energy products installed by this retailer, HIES has secured another retailer Climate Save Renewables to honour any warranties already in place. They are contacting former customers to introduce themselves and provide any information required and advise you on how to contact them in the event that your renewable energy product incurs any problems in the future.

What to do now

To assist in this process, we need to gather information on any customers affected and provide this information to Climate Save Renewables. Therefore, if you have purchased a product from either Solarplants Limited or The Valo Group Europe Limited, please fill in your details below.

Contact details

Address details

Installer information

Yes, I am a former customer of Solarplants LimitedYes, I am an existing customer of Solarplants LimitedYes, I am a former customer of The Valor Group Europe Limited