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What Can Be Investigated?

What sort of things can the Ombudsman investigate?

The Ombudsman can investigate a complaint only if:-

The complaint is against one of the Member Organisations.

  1. The complaint is about something which happened during the period of membership (provided your contract was signed during the installers period of membership).
  2. The complaint relates to a member which operates in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Ombudsman Scheme does not cover the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or foreign countries.
  3. The Ombudsman will consider a complaint if the complainant believes they have been treated unfairly, the service received is unacceptable or a situation has led to distress, inconvenience or financial disadvantage.

  4. What is there that the Ombudsman cannot or may not do?

    The Ombudsman has no power to investigate something which is being, or has been, decided by some other Tribunal or Court. In some situations, the Ombudsman’s powers to investigate are limited. An example of this is:-

    1. When another Ombudsman has statutory control and regulation of the subject matter of the complaint.
    2. When the complaint involves an allegation of fraud which must be investigated by police as a criminal activity.

Nick Ross

(Former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch presenter)

"The Ombudsman provides real protection. Both consumers and Installers have access to a complaints service that has 'teeth' and the power to enforce its awards."

Nick Ross (Former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch Presenter)