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Who is The Ombudsman?

HIES has appointed Ombudsman Services to investigate and resolve any disputes between HIES members and their customers that may not have been resolved at an earlier stage.

Ombudsman Services are the UK's leading independent multisector ombudsman and are approved by the appropriate regulatory bodies to provide redress schemes. Ombudsman Services provide independent dispute resolution and run national, private sector ombudsman schemes including the communications, energy, property, copyright licensing sectors and the Green Deal. Ombudsman Services currently employ more than 500 people at its Head Office based in Warrington.

Ombudsman Services:

  1. Provide an independent, impartial and completely free service to consumers to help resolve disputes between HIES members and consumers who are interacting with them.
  2. Are independent of members & consumers and will make a decision believed to be just and fair in the circumstances.
  3. an make financial awards for loss, distress, inconvenience or breach of contract (the maximum amount of compensation that can be awarded is £100,000) which HICSS will enforce.
  4. Resolve disputes without the need to go to court and the service is entirely free of charge to consumers.

Every member of HIES has signed a legally binding agreement allowing HIES and the Ombudsman to investigate any complaints involving its professional conduct to include installations carried out during its period of membership even if membership has lapsed.

This affords customers a high level of protection, resolves and concludes disputes quickly and, in most cases, negates the need to involve solicitors or the courts (and therefore the associated costs).

HIES' alternative system is very attractive to most customers because it usually saves time and money and is over viewed by the Ombudsman who have extensive knowledge in the eco and renewables sectors.

Nick Ross

(Former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch presenter)

" The Ombudsman provides real protection. Both consumers and Installers have access to a complaints service that has 'teeth' and the power to enforce its awards."

Nick Ross (Former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch Presenter)